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Our aim: Fundamental research in Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics. Biotic systems are complex dynamic information processing systems in which processes on many space and time scales interact. Our aim is to understand them as such. To this end we develop and analyze mathematical/computational models of a broad range of biological systems. In the seventies we coined the term bioinformatics for the study of informatic processes in biotic systems. According to the Oxford English Dictionary this was the first use of the term bioinformatics. The concept provides us with a unified framework for a research area for which a variety of names have now become fashionable, which includes, apart from bioinformatics ss (i.e. data-analysis of e.g. genomic data), the dynamic modeling approaches referred to as "systems biology", "computational life sciences", "computational biology", and which partially overlaps with "complex systems research" and "Artifical Life". Our formalisms range from mathematical models, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, to discrete-event individual-oriented simulation models. The research of our group is part of the Life Sciences and Biocomplexity and the Infection and Immunity focus areas of the Utrecht University.

The staff members of the group each run their own (dry) lab focusing on the following main lines of research:

Courses and education

Within the bachelor program of the department of biology we give several 10-week courses introducing modeling and bioinformatics (Systems Biology: level 1), ecological modeling and phase space analysis (Theoretical ecology: level 2), basic immunology extended with modeling and bioinformatics (Immunobiology: level 3), and spatial and evolutionary modeling (Computational Biology: level 3). Within the Graduate School of Life Sciences the group has a Master Track and a PhD program Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics for which students from Utrecht University and from all over the world can apply. For further information read our web pages on Education.

Starting dates of courses and other events are given in the Agenda.

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