Kirsten H.W.J. ten Tusscher
Theoretical Biology / Bioinformatics
Department of Biology
Faculty of Science
Utrecht University
Room Z510
Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
The Netherlands
phone: +31 30 2533637
fax: +31 30 2513655

During my PhD and as a Postdoctoral researcher
I worked here at Utrecht University, on the
simulation of cardiac arrhythmias in human heart
models. In 2008 I moved to Oslo, Norway, to work
as a projectleader in Computational Biology at
Simula Research Laboratory.
In December 2009 I returned to the Theoretical
Biology / Bioinformatics group as a staff member.
In addition, I maintain a small parttime position at
Simula. My current research focuses on the role
of the genome and gene regulatory network
architecture in the evolution of developmental and
speciation processes.

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