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Jos Boekhorst
Name Jos Boekhorst
Position Postdoc
Research topics Comparative Phosphoproteomics
Evolutionary Systemsbiology
Affiliations Bioinformatics group, Utrecht University
Address Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
the Netherlands
Location Room Z532
Phone +31 30 253 3004
Fax +31 30 251 3655
Email J.Boekhorst(at)uu(dot)nl


I am currently working on the comparative analysis of phosphoproteomics data. The reversible phosphorylation of proteins plays a crucial in eukaryotic cells. Processes ranging from protein complex formation to enzyme activity and regulatory cascades are controlled through addition of phosphate groups. Investigating the tens of thousands phosphorylation events in e.g. human cells has proven challenging. Although recent advances in high-throughput (HTP) mass spectrometry (MS) experiments have lead to a dramatic increase in the amount of phosphorylation data available, the biological role of most of these sites is unclear. Determining the phenotypic effect of a phosphorylation event, for example through mutating a residue to a residue that cannot be phosphorylated, is a laborious process. I am developing methods for extracting biological insight through the comparative analysis of phosphoproteomics data.

I am also involved in two projects that utilize next-generation sequencing strategies to analyze closely related strains of bacteria and identify genomic features underlying phenotypic diversity.


Please contact me if you wish to receive a copy of my CV.


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link to manuscript
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