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Gabino F. Sanchez Perez
Name Gabino F. Sanchez Perez
Position Postdoc
Research topics Plant Stem Cells
Evolutionary Systems Biology
Affiliations Bioinformatics group, Utrecht University
Address Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
the Netherlands
Location Room Z532
Phone +31 30 253 3004
Fax +31 30 251 3655
Email g.f.sanchezperez(at)uu(dot)nl


Unlike animals, plants are constantly generating tissues and organs from two apical meristems throughout lifetime. The maintenance of these functional meristems requires delicate coordination between the loss of stem cells through differentiation and the replacement of these cells through division. Root and shoot organizers seem to control stem cell number by an equivalent mechanism and we work under the hypothesis that analogies/homologies between roots and shoots underlie against variations of an ancestral gene network. Our goal is to characterize the mechanism of action of the different master regulators in both meristems, integrating different sources of information, unravelling the gene regulatory network controlled by these transcription factors.

I am also developing methods to understand amino acid adaptation in extremophiles.


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