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Adrian Schneider
Name Adrian Schneider
Position Postdoc
Research topics Comparative genomics
Codon substitution models
Affiliation Theoretical Biology & Bioinformatics, Utrecht University
Address Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
Location Room Z532
Phone +31 30 253 3004
Fax +31 30 251 3655
Email uunl


My main project was about analysing disrupted co-evolution using presence/absence information of genes in Eukaryotes. Different explanations are possible for situations where in some genomes only certain but not all of a group of interacting proteins are lost. We were using phylogenetic profiles to identify such cases and also to identify genes that potentially take over the role of the lost interaction partner.

In another project, together with Stefan Zoller from the ETH Zürich, we developed semi-empirical codon substitution models. This was a continuation of my previous work on empirical codon models. We were trying to empirically find the relevant parameters for modelling codon evolution and to turn these findings into new codon substitution models.

And together with Gina Cannarozzi from the University of Bern, I have been editing a book entitled "Codon Evolution: Mechanisms and Models" with contributions from leading researchers working on modelling coding sequence evolution and analysing codon usage bias. The book is available from Oxford University Press.


⇒ See also my Google Scholar Citations.

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Book chapters

A Schneider and GM Cannarozzi: Background. In: GM Cannarozzi and A Schneider (editors): Codon Evolution: Mechanisms and Models, Oxford University Press, 2012.

A Schneider and GM Cannarozzi: Empirical and semi-empirical models of codon evolution. In: GM Cannarozzi and A Schneider (editors): Codon Evolution: Mechanisms and Models, Oxford University Press, 2012.

GM Cannarozzi, A Schneider and GH Gonnet: Probabilistic ancestral sequences based on the Markovian model of evolution – algorithms and applications. In: DA Liberles (editor): Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction, Oxford University Press, 2007.

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